I was born by surprise, I did not expect it. I still keep a good memory of being born, though. Not many people get to know me, and that's fine, but it bugs me to be confused with the rest.  I’ve been so many things that you won't believe it so why to bother telling them. Now I am a photographer but I am not among them. Let me try to explain this to you:


I like to portray the idea of a person more than a picture of the person.

I almost like to express only the essence of my subject, to make a detail suggest the whole. The important thing for me is not to have you recognize such and such a person’s face as if lifelike. I’d like you to be surprised —and perhaps a little annoyed— by the image you see, so that it becomes unforgettable.

If I don't make beautiful pictures it's not because I don’t know how to, but because, I feel they’re more powerful my way: An expression of a feeling.

Above all I want you to understand that my goal is not simply to photograph a face the way is it in real life —A camera can do that very well— but to make an image of a face that is more than anything else; a work of art. I could photograph just about anything with success, sure magazines covers and commercial images. But soon I realized that there is no point in doing what everybody else is doing if it’s not just for the money.

I am a photographer with a social commitment, which is complaining about cruelty, superficiality, the unfair situation for women, the forgotten eldest, and the helpless smallest. I intend to create a link between the public and my pictures, hoping that my photography can help and could change things. My photography aims to move the feelings rather than to incite you to go on a diet. I enjoy denouncing the atrocities and cruelties of the daily life of the cretin, vulgar and superficial society. In my work, the obligatory nature of a happy ending has disappeared.

If I were less intelligent I would undoubtedly be a better photographer.I’m too smart to be a popular photographer.

People who are used to more conservative, realistic photographs consider my work very daring. I really enjoy startling people. Surrealism is a different perception of reality, a madness of living and thinking which, refusing the world as it is -since the "real" is often only habit - run by insane people with insane goals. Surreal photography breaks the limits of the established as the consented reality. 

H.R. Giger, Moebius, and painters like Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso and “El Greco” among my favorites are my inspiration. Thanks to these studious hours of the great geniuses I learned that there were other ways to say things than those I had been taught.

My photography intends to speak a different language. I don’t like to make people look cute or pretty, but intense and mysterious.The point is not to make pretty pictures, but pictures that can surprise people, that woke them up to a new way of seeing, pictures that draw attention to the unseen world around us. I didn't care anymore about making my pictures “beautiful” or “commercial” I just want them to work for me. No more nice pictures from me, only intense, surreal and a bit dark photography.

Many photographers are pleasers and therefore only want to capture the beauty, but with me, it’s just the opposite. I can't sit still. I look at the model from every angle. I’m like a tiger in a cage, and usually, I end up with an unusual point of view while looking for the hidden creature, all I can think is how the light will draw my vision.

Then my subject is there, right in front of me; It even seems to be challenging me like a ferocious and unpredictable bull in the arena. I want to capture it at all costs. Finally, the model suddenly lunges straight for my eye, and there is the portrait. It’s like capturing those creatures at the click of my camera. The art of photography is an exhilarating and exhausting game, in which you dare not relax your concentration.We artists never take time off, we’re always thinking about what we’re going to do next! Even when we seem to be dysfunctional for some people our brains are going a mile per second, and very often, late at night, when everybody else is asleep, we go back to the studio. I can’t help myself. We are junkies for creation.

When I’m excited about something I’m working on, I couldn’t care less about everything else. I have to finish what I started.

Sometimes when I do my work I have the feeling we are recreating a living being. Perhaps that is why we are often called creators. In our case it’s just an illusion, of course, for the model always gets away; she can decide to put her clothes back on and go off to the movies! but the pictures I took can’t leave, they are not alive. And so each day we start all over again to try to find the answer to the riddle of life and to reveal it in our work.

Some things that make me dream the most are the costumes worn by actors, the masks behind which the clowns hide their faces. Costumes and masks do not just give us a chance to combine bright colors and extravagant forms, they also are like a second skin, a second face which completely transforms whoever wears them, hypnotizing the people who see them (Applicable to fashion) when you are in disguise or even just wearing a mask, no one recognizes you anymore. All of a sudden you are like somebody else. And you, have you ever disguised yourself? What, never? Well, come on then, let me photograph you, or whoever, you want to be.

For me, every person has a mysterious life of their own. 

I’m a serial dreamer,

a confusion activist,

angry about mediocrity,

this is how I invented it, and I’m happy here.

Are you discovering reality or creating it?

If you interested to know more about my experience go to my website: www.HectorPuig.com