About Sr. Puig:

Sr. Puig is a multidisciplinary-surrealist American artist. He is a thinker and a creator. He is an inspiration and by all means an agitator. Puig combines photography (professional and artistic) with painting and writing philosophy.

He is a multifaceted and incredibly talented-visionary photographer. Puig does just about anything with great effectiveness and success as his remarkable experience certify.

Puig's artwork isn't for the masses, but for the few looking for higher standards and authenticity. He is in a continuous struggle with mediocrity and oppressive-totalitarian environments. Puig treasures freedom and sacrifices a great amount of self-comfort for it. Tormented by intrinsic malevolence, the ruling mediocrity, and celebrated stupidity that glorifies decadence. He claims to be "Don Quixote"; an eccentric idealist fighting for justice, in a quest for excellence.

Puig is passionate about the subconscious mind in contradiction with the programmed-consented realities and therefore the ways of the brain to interpret what we all see differently. Like his father, is considered a Uomo Universale, always universally curious. He is a surrealist by duty and agitator by conviction. A confusion activist.

About my Photography:

I rather portray the idea of a person than pictures of people. I almost like to express only the essence of my subject and make a detail suggest the whole. I want my audience to be surprised, confused, and/or even annoyed by the image, so that it becomes unforgettable.

I don't bother to do what everyone else can do, beautiful but empty pictures mean nothing to me. They are more significant in my way: An expression of a feeling, a story, a mystery for you to resolve, a provocative way of making you think differently. Above all I want you to understand that my goal is not simply to photograph the physiognomy —A camera can do that very well— but to make an image of a face that is more than anything else; a story.

I intend to create a link between the public and my pictures, hoping that my statements could change things or thoughts. I am an artist with social commitment. I'm Concerned about the oppression and cruelty, I recklessly fight malevolence and rail against superficiality. My photography aims to inspire feelings rather than incite you to go on a diet. I must denounce the atrocities and cruelties of the stupid, indecent, and superficial society. In my work, the obligatory nature of a happy ending has disappeared.

People who are used to more conservative and realistic photographs consider my work very daring. I enjoy startling people. Surrealism is a different perception of reality, a lucid madness of living and thinking, refusing the world as it is -since the "real" is often only a habit. Surreal photography breaks the limits of the established for what is possible or believable.

H.R. Giger, Moebius, among painters like Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso, and Doménikos Theotokópoulos “The Greek” are my biggest influence. Numerous hours of study of these great geniuses taught me other ways to express my ideas outside of the conventionalism of pleasing the viewer with a likely hope.

My photography intends to speak a different language. I don’t pretend to make people look good but mysterious. The point is to make pictures that can cause surprise, that awake you to a fresh way of seeing, pictures that reveal the unseen world around us. I create my photographs just for me and no one else.

Many photographers are pleasers and base their efforts on that, trying to capture only the beauty, but with me, it’s just the opposite. I can't stay still. I look at the model from every angle. I’m like a tiger in a cage, and usually, I end up with an unusual point of view while looking for the hidden creature..and the untold story behind it.

Then my subject is there, right in front of me; It even seems to be challenging me like a ferocious and unpredictable bull in the arena. I want to capture it at all costs. It’s like casting those creatures at the click of my camera out of their bodies. The art of photography is an exhilarating and exhausting game, in which you dare not relax your concentration.