I'm nonbinary. For those not in the know, that means my gender exists outside of the gender binary of "Boy or Girl". In our culture when we are born, they look at our genitals and assign us one of two genders which comes with a set of expectations, aesthetics, and limits. Not only does this set up a false dichotomy about our bodies (it ignores the natural existence of intersex people), it arbitrarily makes demands about our behavior for the rest of our lives. Since I was very young I was interested in feminine things and felt an acute shame about it. In high school, I came out as gay, and in college, I began to wonder about my gender. I knew I was not a trans woman, and I tried on several other labels like "Genderqueer" and "Bigender" but neither of them communicated what I was feeling. In the end, I settled on "nonbinary" for its perfect amount of vagueness. It says nothing more about my gender except that it exists outside of our culture's "binary". So much of human thinking is in black and white, but the reality is in living color. Nowadays, I feel much more confident presenting in a feminine way when I want to and I even enjoy when others seem confused about my gender. Feeling "pretty" isn't transcendent for me though, if anything the most transcendent thing about it is its mundanity. My goal would be to push to create a world where anybody of any gender can present themselves however they feel. -- Ethan Cox