I have dreams I’m locked in a taboo by my own blood where mothers can’t listen and fathers don’t talk. I had a dream once upon a time to walk on the red carpet while the paparazzi’s flashlight spot my shiny red dress but now it feels unreal, it feels like a fairytale! Dreaming while cleaning my hands from the mud it brings a smile on my face just like that sunset light that quickly fades away and leaves a peaceful silence until dark. Anger, sadness, depression ,I tried them all ! Trying ? That’s a good question! Choosing between your family and your dreams , what a wonderful world ! Now climbing this hill walking back home I feel free like a bird but I got no wings . Father is waiting for me at home, he leaves the door open every time before I come . He said soon I will be a real woman ! The only two words I can relate to that are husband and children . A real woman ? Bullshit ! Father where are the dreams I used to have faith into ? I can’t find them anymore ! I wanted to change the world and save to poor but now I have to carry heavy weight and swipe the floor ! Unfair world locked me in this prison where dreams are broken and souls are lost . I tried to escape but the eye of society kept me chained up ! Being different from the others was a goal for me and as a result I humiliated my family. I care about my family so I try to keep my self-stable but do they care about me ? why no one ever asked me about how I feel deep inside? I'm not a machine I'm a woman and I have dreams!