I love the character of Carrie because of the trauma she represents. For Carrie, the way her burdening womanhood and sexuality is framed by her mother as an evil thing is a direct metaphor to the brutalization our society enacts on young women and femme-presenting people. In a patriarchal society, a young girl's transition from a child (stereotype: innocent, precious) to a woman (stereotype: sexual object), is frightening. It involves a shift in shame and power between the individual and the male gaze. That's why so many horror movies focus on possessed young girls. But Carrie isn't merely the victim of this traumatic transition, she fights back. Carrie's bloody revenge feels so cathartic to me because it is like a release of trapped rage against a society that forces you into a box and scorns you for stepping out. Gender is used as a tool of oppression in our society; it is forcibly pressed onto people to support a system of power. When I see myself as Carrie I see myself cutting loose from all apprehensions inside me, unleashing a great inner power, and fighting back against those who seek to shrink me. Of course, I don't usually murder a bunch of people in a gym (lol), as a nonbinary person my very existence is resistance. Living your truth is a powerful thing.

Ethan Cox