Remember March 2020? A highly contagious virus collapsed the world and we were forced to be in quarantine, kept locked down in our homes. it was a moment of uncertainty and despair. I immediately envisioned an art-collaborative-photo initiative that turned out to be a victory over the chaos, solitude, fear, isolation, and also, the systematic invisibility of true artists: The Quarantine Collection.

I endlessly photographed over 160 people in 6 weeks (Starting on March 23rd, 2020) all around the globe, all remotely. I used their phones and the internet as the only way to capture my photographs.

I was most definitely not the first to take a screenshot of their "mom" on a video call but I was the first to see this as a new medium for artists, to offer it on a scale, and as an alternative for photographers and models around the world, to bring hope to creatives in times when the world most need it. We gave testimony of the power of creativity and ultimately started a global revolution. I proved that Art can't be locked down!

As a regular film photographer, I appreciated limitations because they make you smarter. The lockdown was a huge impediment -not to being able to get out of your place- but not the end. I needed to keep creating for my mental health (that's how I deal with a world that has lost its mind). Shooting film taught me that Resolution (Pixel count) is not what makes great pictures. Also that communication with the model for effectiveness and being present at the moment is crucial to fabricating quality -story telling-images vs high-resolution- empty- captures. Finally, my background as a creative director brought me to the realization that I could potentially use somebody else's camera and still be able to see through, to make myself present and therefore set up my vision and capture (for whatever means available) the picture I imagined. Only this time I can jump 10,000 miles every minute and I don't necessarily need even a camera??... That was my vision: a new way of photography.

Extreme situations bring out the best in an artist, their style, and their uniqueness. This unique moment has possibly been of the best times in history to create. There is nothing to lose, and the world needed to be inspired. I'm not a doctor, I am an artist and this is what I can do to help. I can bring hope and inspire the world with my work.

These virtual shoots kept me optimistic as I was helping other creatives in an incredible way all around the globe, even hosting virtual photo meets for over 400 photographers at the same time while I was directing models and fabricating the ideal moments to be captured. My only task was to help people disconnect from the world, connect with other people, create art, and feel happy about it. I'd worked tirelessly every day to accommodate everyone in need of a therapeutical-creative- experience. I couldn't be prouder to lead what I definitely believe is a potential new scheme for photography, that keeps true to the very essence of the human intellect: Creativity. Because creativity will save us, not technology or machines.

I feel very proud of being of help and also to be able to take astonishing pictures with technically NO camera.